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John Teahan, reflects on the recent extreme weather in the UK and how this should remain a reminder to work urgently towards mitigating climate change.

A recent lottery win in the US inspires the Redwheel UK Value and Income team to examine the company Stellantis in an unusual light.

Find out why the Redwheel Global Equity Income team do not fear standing out by not holding any of the market-dominating ‘Magnificent Seven’.

Stephanie Kelly, Head of Greenwheel, addresses two major environmental and two major socioeconomic challenges in her latest paper on sustaining the investment landscape – and the world.

Stephanie Kelly, identifies and examines four key challenges to sustaining the global economy, the investment environment, and our planet.

Following on from our first instalment on the environmental implications of fast fashion, the Greenwheel team now shift focus to the industry’s social issues.

The famous contrarian proverb inspires the Redwheel UK Value and Income team’s latest piece on the underrated UK market.


Ian Lance continues to make the case for UK equities in his latest piece.

The Redwheel Global Equity Income team discuss the factors at play that shed a very different light on their strategy for investing in this sector.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, but is it finally ready to be the Next Big Thing?

Is Japan back in fashion? Nicola Takada-wood, Redwheel portfolio manager, discusses why she thinks it is.

Shaul Rosten, from the Redwheel UK Value & Income team, reflects on his time at the recent annual shareholder's meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, distilling Warren Buffet's views on value investing.

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