Security Alert

Fraud Warning

Financial fraud is a global and growing problem and fraud attempts come in a number of different ways, from email hacking and ‘phishing’, to illegitimate investment advertisements.

Please be aware that from time to time, fraudsters may claim to represent Redwheel, its affiliates, or employees, via methods such as email, social media, post or cold calls.

Please note that Redwheel does not cold-call investors to make investment offers, does not send unsolicited emails or letters, nor market any product via social media (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Whatsapp).

If you have been contacted by an organisation or individual claiming to be connected to Redwheel, or offering Redwheel investment products, please contact us at [email protected]

If you believe that you may have provided a fraudulent party with your personal details, we would suggest that you report this to the Financial Conduct Authority either online or by calling 0800 111 6768.

The FCA also provide advice online to help consumers protect themselves from potential investment scams.

The Security Alerts section below contains warnings about current and previous fraudulent activity which are known to have targeted Redwheel.

Security Alerts:

May 2023: Redwheel has been made aware that individuals are being contacted via LinkedIn by persons purporting to be associated with Redwheel in order to promote the purchase of crypto, NFT, or other digital investment products (“Crypto”). Redwheel does not manage, advise or promote any investments in Crypto. Anyone purporting to be from Redwheel who is promoting a Crypto investment is acting fraudulently.

In addition, Redwheel does not market any product via social media (including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Whatsapp). If you become aware of anyone purporting to be from Redwheel contacting you via social media to invest in any product, please contact us at [email protected].

October 2019: Redwheel were made aware of a fake website purporting to offer a RWC bond product which invests in Just Eat. The website included the logo of RWC Partners and Just Eat and asked for the investor’s personal details. We received a report of this matter on 24/10/2019 and subsequently requested that the Financial Conduct Authority add a warning to the their website about this product.