Sustainable Growth

Sustainability, in its broadest context, is structurally changing the investment landscape from both a risk and opportunities perspective. The Redwheel Sustainable Growth team seeks to identify structural longer-term themes and dynamics in the economy and society. The team invests capital to take advantage of the potential return opportunities these themes and dynamics offer, and to facilitate and further advance the positive impact of investee companies on critical sustainability challenges and development goals.

The team is built upon specialist themes and works closely with Greenwheel.

Clean Economy

The Redwheel Clean Economy strategy will invest in a portfolio of high-quality, growth-oriented companies that offer differentiated products and services that can benefit from the shift to a more sustainable future. 


The Redwheel Biodiversity strategy will centre on companies that reduce or limit the negative impact of human’s activities on biodiversity. The team will invest in companies which can achieve a measurable and effective impact on the preservation of life on land, water and air, through providing sustainable products and services which are protecting and supporting ecosystem preservation.

Life Changing Treatments

The Redwheel Life Changing Treatments strategy will invest primarily in companies that can deliver improved healthcare outcomes for patients, specifically with focus on life changing drugs, health care system strengthening and life changing care.

Meet the team

Amanda O'Toole

Amanda joined Redwheel in April 2023 as a Partner and Portfolio Manager.

Peter Hughes

Peter joined Redwheel in July 2023 as a Partner and Portfolio Manager.

Sebastien Bidault

Sebastien joined Redwheel in March 2023 as Co-Portfolio Manager in the Redwheel Sustainable Growth team.

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