Life Changing Treatments

The Redwheel Life Changing Treatments Strategy seeks to provide diversified access to multi-decade growth opportunities through investing in healthcare companies providing life changing solutions to patients. The Team believe that focusing on what truly matters to patients should result in maximising the positive impact on patients as well as greater potential for long-term commercial success.

Why healthcare?

Healthcare is a large and growing market, with global expenditure on healthcare exceeding $9 trillion in 2020, which was equivalent to 11% of global GDP, demonstrating that this can be a highly attractive sector for companies and investors.[1]

Patients first

Our team believe that focusing on the most important stakeholder and the ultimate end consumer in healthcare increases the chances of investing in commercially successful companies.

Our investment themes

The team identify three themes that they believe can contribute to building more patient-centered and established health systems:

  • Life changing drugs
  • Health system strengthening 
  • Life changing care

Meet the team

Peter Hughes

Peter joined Redwheel in July 2023 as a Partner and Portfolio Manager.

Ingrid Gafanhão

Ingrid joined Redwheel in September 2023 as a Healthcare Analyst.

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No investment strategy or risk management technique can guarantee returns or eliminate risks in any market environment

Source: [1], accessed on 20/7/2023