Greenwheel is the sustainability ecosystem that powers Redwheel’s Enhanced Integration, Transition and Sustainable funds. It is both an ecosystem that brings together experts from across the business and a dedicated function to enable Redwheel’s Investment teams in their delivery of these investment solutions.

A holistic approach

By integrating research insights, sustainability strategy and independent challenge, Greenwheel embeds a holistic approach to support Enhanced Integration, Transition and Sustainable fund management at each stage of the product life cycle from initial product scoping through to day-to-day investment decision making.

Greenwheel Insights

The Greenwheel Insights team is the research team within Greenwheel that provides in-house research to support evidence-based decision making throughout the product life cycle.

The Insights team is a team of sustainability experts in their own right focussed on climate and social research. The team also partners with industry and academic experts to maximise intellectual rigour and market relevance.

Greenwheel Strategy

We recognise that sustainable product needs differ for clients across the globe. Greenwheel strategy brings that nuanced perspective into each engagement with our investment teams from product design through to ongoing engagement and challenge with the investment teams. We believe that integrating this strategic perspective alongside research within Greenwheel creates an innovative ecosystem for developing, supporting and advising Enhanced Integration, Transition and Sustainable products.


Redwheel Product Framework

Four challenges to sustain the investment landscape – and the world

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows in sophistication and use, demand for data centres to deliver it will accelerate. Paul Drummond, Greenwheel's Climate and Environment Lead, explores the resource and environmental implications of data centres, and provides a framework for assessing the environmental footprint of companies operating data centres.

Over the past decade, regulations and international norms have evolved to increasingly put human rights at
the heart of responsible business activity. Jessica Wan, Greenwheel's Social Research Lead, and Nick Clay and Robert Canepa-Anson from the Global Equity Income team, explore how deep human rights discussions can impact investment decisions and portfolio management.

Decarbonising home heating is one of the most difficult challenges remaining on the journey to Net Zero. John Teahan, Portfolio Manager, Climate Engagement Strategies, and Paul Drummond, Greenwheel’s Climate and Environment Lead, explore the evolving investment landscape and opportunity.

Meet the team

Stephanie Kelly

Stephanie joined Redwheel in 2022. As Head of Greenwheel she leads the sustainability ecosystem.

Olivia Seddon-Daines

Olivia joined Redwheel in 2022 and is focused on bringing the evolving client, regulatory and market perspective to build a strong sustainable product suite.

Paul Drummond

Paul joined Redwheel as Climate and Environment Research Lead in January 2023.

Jessica Wan

Jessica joined Redwheel as the Social Research Lead in 2023.

Harriet Bugg

Having worked at Redwheel since 2018, Harriet joined the Greenwheel team in 2022 to provide project management support to progress the Greenwheel strategic agenda.

Anna Polise

Anna joined Redwheel in October 2022 as a Climate and Environment Analyst.

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