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To the Board and fellow shareholders of Seplat Energy.

The Redwheel Emerging & Frontier Markets team examine the potential implications and opportunity from China's 14th NPC and CPPCC.


The word “discipline” will have different meanings for different people. In the world of investment, the word is used in a slightly different context – but in all situations, discipline exists to keep us safe.

Ian Lance looks at the extreme divergence in valuations between the US and UK markets and makes his case for owning UK equities.

A look at the importance of share buybacks and sensible capital allocation, using the case study of a successful FTSE 100 business.

Despite several macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges last year, the outlook remains positive for Emerging Markets in 2023.

Read the latest 2023 outlook for China.

the Redwheel Convertible Bonds team offer six reasons why they believe the asset class can play a helpful role in portfolios in 2023.

Stephanie Kelly’s top five takeaways for investors from COP27.

Watch here as Stephanie Kelly gives an overview of the themes and conversations that were had at COP27.

Stephanie Kelly outlines her expectations ahead of COP27 and discusses her main areas of focus for attending.

Nick Clay argues the case for a return to the tortoise way of investing in 2023 - growing wealth slowly over a long period of time.

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