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Read the latest whitepaper from the Redwheel Value & Income team

The latest whitepaper from the European Active Ownership team, details why they believe the investment opportunity in European small caps is possibly the most attractive it has been in 20 years.

Watch the latest interviews from the Emerging and Frontier Markets team to understand where they see opportunities across companies and sectors from their on teh road trip in China.

In the Japan Active Engagement team's latest insight, they explore two developments that have piqued the interest of the dedicated Japan-watcher and more dedicated global asset allocator.

The latest insight from Value & Income team’s, Shaul Rosten, discusses where public market investors may have an advantage over their private counterparts, whose structures can cost more than simply buying shares on the open market.

Watch the latest video from the Emerging & Frontier Markets team summarising their time 'on the road' in China.

Read the latest Greenwheel Insights in Investment Practice: Investing in Financial Inclusion, a joint paper between the Redwheel Emerging & Frontier Markets team and Greenwheel.

Ian Lance, co-head of the UK Value & Income Strategy, comments on the proposed takeover of insurance provider, Direct Line

Read the latest whitepaper from the Sustainable Emerging Markets team.

Ian Lance, co-head of the UK Value & Income Strategy, comments on the proposed takeover of retailer Currys.

Watch the latest outlook from Greenwheel, detailing the three themes that will be on their research agenda for 2024: adaptation, digital human rights and politics.

Jessica Lim, Analyst in Redwheel's Emerging & Frontier Markets team, shares her latest research trip to Vietnam, addressing why she remains optimistic for the region in 2024.

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