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Watch James Johnstone, Co-Head of the Redwheel Emerging & Frontier Markets team, and Jaimin Shah, Analyst, as they discuss their main findings from a recent research trip to India. With insight into India's recent election, the strong market growth over the past 25 years, and India's expansion in the travel and tourism sector.

The latest insight from George Hill, CFA, Analyst, in the Redwheel Convertible Bonds team assesses how convertible bonds might perform in various scenarios compared to high-yield bonds, taking into account this "hidden duration".

Emerging Market investors are accustomed to crises and volatility. Frontier Markets have undergone in the 2020s a similar experience to emerging markets in the 1990s, a sequence of currency devaluations and market declines. Economic and financial shocks can cause bear markets and portfolio outflows in the short term but typically spur necessary reform and restructuring that result in sustainable long-term recovery.

The concept of risk should be simple and straight forward, yet it repeatedly seems to get twisted upside down and back to front, causing bubbles and crashes. Redwheel's Nick Clay outlines where investors in equities might focus their attention.

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows in sophistication and use, demand for data centres to deliver it will accelerate. Paul Drummond, Greenwheel's Climate and Environment Lead, explores the resource and environmental implications of data centres, and provides a framework for assessing the environmental footprint of companies operating data centres.

President Erdogan won re-election in Turkey in 2023 by running the economy hot; he pursued a strategy of strong economic growth to boost consumption, employment and wages. Although this economic policy might have been popular with the electorate, financial markets did not like it because inflation jumped. In this article, we explore the prospects for Turkey's economy in 2024 and beyond, plus the investment considerations for investors.

As part of Redwheel’s On The Road series, Click to watch Victor Erch, Portfolio Manager, Chris DiSalvatore, Analyst, Redwheel Emerging & Frontier Markets, and Jessica Lim, Analyst, Redwheel Emerging & Frontier Markets outline the evolving dynamics in three key next generation emerging markets - Turkey, Chile, and Vietnam.

Read the latest perspective from Ian Lance and Nick Purves, Portfolio Managers of the Redwheel Value & Income team, to understand why they believe the most successful investors tend to act differently from other market participants.

Analyst Shaul Rosten, inspired by an episode of 'Deadliest Catch,' explores the dividing line between job risk and job pay—or, in the markets, company quality and company price—and why embracing discomfort when choosing undervalued stocks could potentially lead to higher compensation.

NGEN economies are following the same, well-trodden path towards economic development as China and Korea decades ago. But can countries like Romania and Vietnam achieve the same economic success as their more developed counterparts?

A recent release marking five years of the Redwheel Next Generation Emerging Markets Equity Fund.

The Redwheel emerging and frontier markets team explore the reasons behind China's market slump since 2021 and why now could be a potential turning point for Chinese equities.

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