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As China passes the baton which country will be up next as the global manufacturing leader?

The Emerging & Frontier Markets team look at how the Next Generation Emerging Markets Fund could benefit from a travel surge following the halt that the pandemic brought.

Will inequality within equity markets ever normalise?

Being bold in their voting decisions, the UK Value & Income team discuss their stance with Barclays ahead of the AGM Season.

The Next Generation Emerging Markets fund celebrates its three year milestone.

The asset management industry can tend to concentrate on short-term performance, with fund managers’ returns frequently measured over a month, a week or even a day.

Listen back to Nick Clay's recent webinar

What is the impact of war on the environment?

Will the combination of the pandemic, the return of inflation and rising interest rates signal the beginning of meaningful change in the investment backdrop?

Can quick decisions in periods of stress pay off? The UK Value & Income team explore the macro panic opportunities arising from conflict.

The road to net zero emissions has the potential to set in place the conditions for a commodity super-cycle which has significant implications for emerging and frontier markets.

The Convertible Bonds team give their market outlook for 2022.

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