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Ian Lance explores the empirical evidence as to why investors should rebalance to value stocks.

John Teahan reflects on the need for oil companies to become part of the conversation.

To the Board of Directors, Gold Fields Limited

Watch the latest update on Convertible Bonds from Davide Basile.

Ian Lance reflects on how market trends from the past forty years may be considered an exception rather than the 'norm' and its future impact on trends going forward.

The Global Equity Income team explores human behaviour during volatile markets and how this can be dangerous for investors.

Read the latest outlook from the Global Equity Income team.

The Uk Value and Income team look at the case for value in a rising rates environment and why the recent rally in growth might be an opportunity for investors to exit.

Does it feel uncomfortable to own or buy cyclicals?

Has opportunity in Latin America been overlooked?

The UK Value & Income team look back on zero interest rates, central bank money printing and government bailouts in 2021.

Which commodities will come out on top in the next commodity super-cycle?

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