We strive to be both a responsible investor and a responsible organisation.

Within our organisation

Our corporate culture and organisational approach acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are mindful of our environmental impact and strive to ensure our interactions with the communities in which we operate are consistently constructive, thoughtful and caring. We recruit and listen to diverse voices and perspectives. We collaborate with respect and openness. We believe our approach drives innovation, agility and resilience.

Redwheel SEED

SEED stands for Social Enterprise, Environment and Diversity which are the pillars of our corporate responsibility initiatives. Redwheel SEED is governed by an internal steering committee with representatives from across our business and our centralised multi-disciplinary sustainability team. We encourage all of our people to get involved in these initiatives.

Within our investments

As a trusted fiduciary, the investment decisions our teams make – and the manner in which we conduct our business – must always serve the best interests of our clients. Each of our teams integrates ESG considerations within their fundamental research processes. All of our fund managers make investment decisions in a responsible manner, considering carefully the consequences of their actions, which may have an impact decades into the future.

Redwheel Stewardship Report 2022

Sustainability-related disclosures required under SFDR

Proxy Voting

We disclose proxy voting decisions across all pooled fund holdings.

Our Principles

At Redwheel, we believe that prudent consideration of ESG factors and application of best practice in responsible investment can positively impact long-term portfolio outcomes.

We believe that approaches to responsible investment should be contextualised with respect to factors such as focus market, strategy type and asset class, in order to be effective – this is particularly the case at Redwheel, where investment teams retain a high degree of autonomy over their investment processes.

To ensure that our responsible investment efforts remain well coordinated, we have introduced a centralised multi-disciplinary sustainability function to help support and advise our teams, raise awareness of developments, and lead in cross-team activities – this sustainability function also leads in the area of policy development around investing for the long-term, both within Redwheel and across our industry more broadly.

ESG integration

Each team believes that the consideration of material ESG risk factors and the prudent application of best practice in responsible investment can positively impact the long-term risk/reward profiles of portfolios. Consistent with our core business model, which is purposefully designed to enable teams to retain a high degree of autonomy over their investment processes, specific approaches to responsible investment are contextualised by the opportunities and constraints our teams face.

Decentralised investment teams take the lead on day-to-day ESG integration, supported by our centralised multi-disciplinary sustainability function.

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