Global Horizon Equity​

We seek out investment opportunities from around the world with little regard for the benchmark. Our focus is on the supply side of industries, or the capital cycle, highlights areas where there are likely to be companies whose share prices are trading well below what we believe is the intrinsic value. Alignment of interests is key – we are aligned with our investors through a fee structure that shares performance risk, and with our investments through an approach which emphasises management teams that are incentivised to be effective capital allocators.

A focus on the supply side

We have a strong belief that by analysing changes in industry structures and in the amount of capital deployed in a sector, we can gain valuable insights into potential future returns on capital.

Alignment of interests

We believe management teams with well-crafted incentive programmes and/or significant equity stakes are more likely to make good decisions for the long-term health of their company. We look for effective governance and a strong alignment of interests in all of our investment opportunities.

Index agnostic

We employ an unconstrained bottom-up approach to investment, with artificial sector and geographic designations playing no role in portfolio construction.

Global Musings

The team explores sectors and holdings in the Redwheel Global Horizon portfolio and how they are responding to changing market dynamics and the broader political environment. 

A framework for the long term

A multi-year time horizon allows us to buy assets when they are trading at a significant discount to intrinsic value. This often means investing when a business is deeply out of favour, but with an opportunity to deliver genuine long-term growth.

Meet the team

Benjamin Hall

Benjamin ist seit 2019 bei Redwheel. Er ist Portfolio Manager innerhalb Redwheels Global Horizon Equity Team.

Karolina Milewska

Karolina arbeitet als Executive Assistant für das Global Horizon Team. Sie ist seit 2015 bei Redwheel.

Miki Sugimoto

Miki ist seit 2015 bei Redwheel. Sie ist Analystin im Global Horizon Equity Team.

Adnan Nur

Adnan kam im Juni 2022 als Analyst im Global Horizon Team zu Redwheel.

Filippo Neumaier

Filippo Neumaier kam im Juni 2022 als Analyst im Global Horizon Team zu Redwheel.

No investment strategy or risk management technique can guarantee returns or eliminate risks in any market environment